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User Management in the Back Office

Users with Modify Users permissions (based on their user group membership) can manage other users' information in the Back Office.

Click Users in the Back Office menu to view and modify user information. The Users view contains a list of users who have been invited to Commerce Cloud, their roles, and access levels.

You can possible to deactivate/activate user accounts by setting the Is active switch to ON or OFF position. A deacticated uses cannot access any Solteq Cloud POS service with his/her credentials.

It is possible to search for users from the list, using such search criteria as name, role, active status, or access level

Users with Modify permissions can modify user information and settings by clicking on a user on the list.

User settings

The following information can be modified in the User view:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • User Level

    • User group the user belongs to.

  • External ID

    • User’s ID in an external system; used with integrations.

  • Cost Unit

  • Account type

    • Username & Password: User will login to the system using his/her e-mail address and password

    • Google/Office365: User will login to the system by using either G Suite or Office 365 service.

  • Language

    • Language used in Back Office and POS user interfaces

  • Handedness

    • Selecting Right/Left determines the placement of Basket and tiles in POS

      Right handed POS.PNG

      Basket and tile placement when Right has been selected for Handedness

      Left handed POS.PNG

      Basket and tile placement when Left has been selected for Handedness

  • Track shifts

  • Identifier(s)

    • Code or card ID used for logging in to the workstation.

  • Access level

    • Defines the store/location whose information the user can access.

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