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Settlement Settings

Settlement settings used in a store are selected in the Store Configurations. A default set of settings is created by the system, but you can also modify the default set and create other settings as needed.

You can view and modify settlement settings in the Back Office by clicking Configurations and selecting Settlements in the Back Office menu. To create new settlement settings, click +Add new.

New settlement settings

The following settlement settings can be defined:

  • Name: You can give a distinctive name your settlement settings to make it easy to find them when you define the settlement settings for a store.

  • Level: Settling can be done on Clerk, Workstation, and Store levels. Work station -specific cash drawer is the most common method of settling, nut it is also possible to count the cash drawers of all the workstations in a store at the end of the day.

  • Cash Base: If a default cash float is used, the amount of cash it contains can be defined here. When settling the cash, the cash float must be first deducted from the cash drawer. If you want to add and deduct the cash float manually, see Money In/Out.

  • Use split day: Use this setting to define whether the settlement must be done daily. This setting must be ON for the Split Day setting to take effect.

    • Split day: The time when the business hours of the store end, in effect, the time when the POS automatically changes the date in the receipts; this means that settlements can be made on the following day, as well.

  • Error Threshold: An acceptable amount of deviation in the cash settlement, which causes a notification to be displayed. Using the value 0 is recommended in most instances.

  • Blind Count: This setting defines whether the amount of cash that should be in the cash drawer is visible for the user. If Blind Count is ON, the user only sees the notifications about deviations from the Error Threshold.

  • Custom end of day report in use: Defines whether the customized end of day reports can be generated; at the moment, using this option is not recommended.

  • Parked orders warning before the end of day: If this setting is ON, POS will check whether there are parked orders, and if any are found, will request that the user cancels any parked orders before the cash settlement is done.

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