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Release Notes 10/2022

User Manual Updates

The following new pages (with no change in Solteq Commerce Cloud functionality) have been added to the user manual:

Flagging Age Verification Attempts

The Add free text to receipt feature has been improved: It is now possible to add default texts or free text to receipts on POS, and ensure that these texts are not sent to kitchen and are not visible in the customer’s copy of the receipt. This way it is possible to follow-up successful and unsuccessful age verification attempts on POS. For more information see, .

Generating CustomerCard IDs with Excel Export

New CustomerCard IDs can now be generated when importing customer information in Excel Format to the Back Office. See Exporting and Importing Customer Information with Excel | Generating-New-CustomerCard-Identifiers-with-Excel-Import for more information.

Custom Reason Codes for Stock In and Stock Out Actions

It is now possible to use custom reason codes to define your own names for stock in/out transactions. When custom reason codes have been created in the Back Office, they can be used in stock in/out transactions created in both Stock Tool as well as in the Transaction Orders view.

In addition, a custom reason code can be one of the reason code options which must be selected in POS when creating loss/waste in POS.

For more information, see

Support for Different Tax Rates in Skidata

Receiving orders from Skidata which contain products with different tax rates is now possible in Commerce Cloud. Create one open product in the Back Office with 0 default price for each required VAT rate. For more information, see the Skidata page.

Other Improvements and Fixes

  • When network connection was lost during parking of a receipt, the order was left in Unfinished state in some cases. This problem has been fixed so that parked orders are not “lost” anymore.

  • Exporting customers information from the Back Office will now also generate a GDPR audit log.

  • Customer search has been optimized for better performance.

  • Fixed the the problem which resulted in corrupt dosing groups when importing ingredients with new dosing's via Excel,

  • Fixed the problem which caused in some cases that the original receipt was still holding products from split receipts when using Park & Print or Set as paid.

  • Fixed the problem where table number was not always sent to Kitchen

  • Fixed the bug which caused incorrect calculations when refunding a receipt with overpayment.

  • Fixed the proble which caused note to be removed from open product when parking and unparking.

  • It was possible to create duplicate workstation configuration while installing new workstation

  • Fixed the problems in handling large files on stock item and stock product Excel import

  • Corrected tax-related translations in Stock Item view.

  • Fixed the problem which caused unnecessary reauthorize workstation request when Cloud services were updated.

  • Fixed problems which caused custom products to change when parking/unparking an order.

  • Fixed filtering of discount report; reason codes can now be used.

  • Non-GS1 packages can be again created and deleted for stock items

  • Fixed importing variant products from Excel to Purchase Order.

  • None tax percent can now be changed after a product has been initially created without any tax percent.

  • Fixed minor bugs on Netvisor, Skidata and Rentle integrations.

  • Fixed the bug which caused problems when viewing variant product model on POS; this affected cases where a variant was missing from the Excel file when variants were created with Excel import, but the system created it (for example, if one color does not have some size). POS displays all the permutations on screen, even even if they do not exist.

  • Fixed the bug which caused Kiosk UI get stuck in Choose payment method screen.

  • Fixed the bug where MobilePay beaconId was not recognized as valid GUID in workstation configurations.

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