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Setting up Castles Technology Payment Terminals

The instructions below are for setting up the following Castles payment terminal types:

Using a Cloud terminal is recommended in most cases. If you encounter connection problems when using a Cloud terminal, a fixed IP can be used instead.

Taking the payment terminal into use is done in three steps:

  1. Set up the Device (V3P3 Cashier) or Set up the Device (V3M2 Mobile)

  2. Update (or Create) the Card Payment Settings in the Back Office

  3. Test the Castles Technology Payment Terminal

Important issues to note when taking new payment terminals into use:

  • Allocate enough time for the deployment of payment terminals, so that you can do it well in advance before the start of the next sales day.

  • When replacing terminals, ensure before disconnecting that you know how to reconnect the cables (both device and socket/pos connections), if needed; taking a photo of the cable connections before disconnecting is recommended.

  • If there are several POSs and payment terminals in the Store, replace one payment terminal at a time, and move on to the next one only after the previous one has been replaced and tested for functionality.

  • The old terminals will work throughout the replacement process and can be put back into service if any problems arise.

If you encounter problems after the setup, see Troubleshooting for Castles Technology Payment Terminals.

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