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The Statistics view of Solteq Commerce Cloud enables you to view statistics and generate reports based on real-time sales data. These include:

Statistics view with Sales Summary expanded

Filter the Statistics View

By default rhe Statistics view contains all the sales statistics from the current day.

You can filter the information by using one of the following options:

  • Business date:

    • Custom period

    • Full months

    • Today

    • Yesterday

    • This week 

    • Previous week

    • This month

    • Previous month

    • This year

    • Previous Year

  • Dimensions:

    • Company

    • Store

    • Cost Unit

    • Workstation

    • User

You can only use one of the dimensions at a time to filter the results, but it is possible to select several values at once (such as viewing statistics from several stores at once).

When you have selected the filters you want to use, click Apply filters. The Statistics view is updated according to your selections.

Export Statistics in Excel Format

You can export the Statistics view directly into Excel format by clicking the Export to Excel icon. 

Export icon in Statistics view

It is also possible to send the data from sales (filtered with the chosen Dimensions) to an e-mail address. This is done by first creating a new definition, and then sending it to the recipient(s).

  1. Click Statistics in the Back Office menu, and select Statistics Export.

  2. In the Statistics Export view, click Create.

    Statistics Export view

  3. Enter the following data for the new definition:

    1. Name

    2. Dimension:

      • Company

      • Store: select the store(s

      • Cost Unit: select the cost unit(s)

      • User: select the user(s)

      • Workstation: select the workstation(s)

    3. Recipient(s)

      New definition

  4. Click Submit to create the definition.

  5. You can now send the data by opening the definition, and clicking Send File.

    Sending the statistics file

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