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Variant Product Settings

The recommended way to create variants is to use Excel import. It is considerably faster than creating each variant individually in the Back Office, and purchase orders for the variants can be created by using the same Excel file.

When you have selected Variant Product as the product type when creating a product, the following view is displayed.

New variant product

When creating a variant product, the minimum requirement is to give the product a name, so that the product information can be saved; other details can be filled out later. The name can also be changed afterwards, if needed. However, the product can be sold in POS only when it has been given a price and at least one variant.

Model Number

The Model Number field contents are visible as the Product ID when browsing products. It can also be used as a search criteria when searching for a product in the Back Office and POS.

Model number in the product information


Variants are used for creating variations such as color and size for a product. It is possible to create any number of variants for a variant product by clicking +Add New Variant in the Categories section of product information.

Variants utilize the existing category types and categories in the Back Office.

In this example:

  • Category type Color has been selected with the Variant drop-down menu, resulting in:

  • some or all of the categories (=different colours) belonging to Color can be then selected to create different variants.

Selecting the categories to act as variants

To add additional categories to the selected category type, click +New.

If you want to add completely new category types, you must create them first in the Categories view.

Variant Details

When variants have been added for a product, they are listed in the product information. Click a variant to expand it, enabling you to view/edit its information.

Variant can have the following information specific to it:

  • Variant new price: Price of a variant, different from the price in the Pricing section of product information. You can use this setting to define that a certain size of a shirt has a higher price than the other sizes, for example.

  • SKU: Stock Keeping Unit is an identifier which is mandatory for a product in order for it to be added to a Stock.

  • Barcode of the variant product.

  • Image: You can add an image for every individual variant, if needed.

Variant details

If a discount has been created for a variant product, it will affect the price of all individual variants.

Discounted variant products in the Basket

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