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Release Notes 02/2022

User Manual Updates

The following new pages (with no change in Solteq Commerce Cloud functionality) have been added to the user manual:

Links to the instructions detailing new features can be found below.

Webshop Improvements

We have added the possibility to create exceptional open/closed days for Webshop.

It is also possible to configure Webshop to accept preorders when Kitchen is closed.

It is also possible to make customization mandatory/not mandatory for custom products before they are added to the basket in Webshop.

Products are always sent to kitchen when the order is coming from Webshop. This is possible to set up in the way that drinks are not pushed to kitchen when bought in store, but when the order comes from Webshop, they are displayed in Kitchen so that they will be remembered to pick them up for delivery. See here for more information.

Fast Contract Meal Feature

We have a totally new feature which allows very fast lunch payments, using an existing contract and customers’ identity document. See Fast Contract Meals for more details.

Improved Support for Capacity in Stock Handling

  • Stock Item capacity is now supported as display unit

  • Pieces are no more supported as a unit of measure for capacity

    • When creating a GS1 based stock item, and its net content is provided in pieces/portions in the GS1 data, then its net weight is used as capacity instead

  • If net content is not provided in GS1 data, then net weight is used as capacity instead

  • When creating a GS1 based stock item, GS1 originating capacity is now standardized to litres/kilograms. This means that if capacity is selected as the display unit, stock can be tracked in litres/kilograms instead of GS1’s original unit, which can be e.g. millilitres or milligrams.

For more information, see Stock Item.

Grouped Sales Report

A new Grouped Sales Report is available. Th report can be used to summarize product sales per Store and Category.

Pilot Group Option

We have added new pilot group POS installation package. With this feature, a new software version will be published to production first to the Pilot group POS, and after some time to every POS.

Using this option is recommended if your company has more than one POS in production; this means reinstalling at least one POS to the Pilot group. This way we can notice any critical bugs on POS before they reach all POS devices.

To switch to Pilot group, uninstall all Solteq components in workstation, and then download and install the POS Pilot.

Other Improvements and Fixes

  • Fixed Custom Cash Reports being mixed while generating them on exactly same second.

  • Improved changing payment method for receipt; see Changing the Payment Method After a Payment Has Been Made

  • Improved connection problem handling with Poplapay terminals

  • Receipts are now printed from cancelled receipts.

  • Different delivery types are printed out more clearly in Kitchen.

  • Car Dealer Orders timeout can be changed to be longer than 10 seconds.

  • Taxfree amount column has been added on Statistics Excel export.

  • When making inventory where every row is not filled, there is now an option to fill all unfilled rows with 0 quantity.

  • A more informative error message is displayed if End of Day report failed.

  • Fixed installation instruction pointing to old manual

  • Category change will sync now from Stock Item to Stock Insight view

  • Removed the feature which made Finnish the default language in description data in GS1-synced products on other countries.

  • Optimized parked receipt search by adding default time limit on query

  • Fixed date range bug for January on accounting filtering

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