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Release Notes 06/2022

User Manual Updates

The following new pages (with no change in Solteq Commerce Cloud functionality) have been added to the user manual:

New Options to Finalize the Splitting of an Order

When splitting an order, there are now several options to finalize the splitting:

  • Park Only

    • The order is split, and all the newly created orders are moved to Parked status.

  • Park & Print

    • Works the same way as Park Only, but all orders will be also printed out.

  • Set All Paid

    • The order is split, and all split orders are marked as Paid with cash on exact amount. After that, receipts will be printed for all of them. Basket is cleared. This should be used only if Split Payments functionality is in use.

  • Cancel

For more information, see Splitting a Receipt.

Using Alternative Stocks for Products

In addition to using the Store’s default Stock for products, Solteq Commerce Cloud also enables defining an Exceptional Stock for some products. This way some of the products sold in a Store can be stored in the Store’s own Stock, while certain products are taken from another Stock, such as a central Stock shared by several stores. For example: A number of restaurants and bars in a given location can use the same storage (=Stock) for beverages, and serve them to customers by using a draft system.

Any Stock of the company can be used as the Exceptional Stock for a given product. A product can also have several Exceptional Stocks; in this case the Stock must be selected when the product is added to the Basket.

For more information, see Selling a Product from Another Stock.

Deleting Ingredients

Deleting Ingredients is now possible in Solteq Commerce Cloud. If the user tries to delete an ingredient which is a part of a custom product and/or used in an ingredient tile on POS, the system will notify the user about this.

Paytrail V3 Support and Webshop Payment Changes

Paytrail v3 is now supported in Solteq Commerce Cloud. For more information, see Payments.

Paytrail v2 will become obsolete on August 2022; please set up v3 before that. Once v3 is enabled, webshop will automatically start using it. V2 will be removed on September release from the system.

The Payment page is now a separate step in Webshop, after the customer has selected the delivery/take away/eat in options. Example screenshots below.

Example screenshot from Webshop: Delivery selected
Payment page in Webshop

Customer Groups Management

Customer Groups has been added as its own menu item and a separate view in the Back Office.

Other Improvements and Fixes

  • Product-type gift cards can be now sold on POS. See example case in Example: Ticket with 10 uses.

  • Table number text in kitchen receipts has been enlarged.

  • Kitchen tablet will not display empty text boxes anymore; if there is no content in a field, it will not be displayed.

  • When barcode is scanned and not found, the POS UI will now display an error notification, which will then disappear when the next product is successfully scanned. The error notification can still be viewed in Notifications.

  • Corrections have been made to the creating data on-the-fly functionality (such as creating new cost units in Store Configurations and categories in Product Details view),

  • Accounting report and Excel are sorted by Cost Unit and Account. Sorting is done in alphabetic order, as both fields can hold also characters.

  • Added the possibility to add additional categories when creating products on POS:

    • Add additional category from Product Summary Page.

    • Select category type.

    • Select the category.

    • Additional categories can be removed or modified on the Product Summary page.

  • When deleting tabs, in the POS layout designer, the system requests that the user must confirm the deletion.

  • When a Stock is selected in Stock Tool, the Stock will remain the same when switching tabs and performing actions, until the user switches it with the drop-down menu.

  • The problem with translations in receipts when gift card is the payment method has been corrected.

  • Corrected the problem which caused custom product which has been already added to the basket to get deleted, when a custom product added after it was deleted.

  • In sending receipts via e-mail from POS, changes have been made to e-mail input: spaces before and after the e-mail address will be trimmed for better usability.

  • ABC button has been added to POS keyboard layout to replace a blank one, to guide users to return to normal keyboard mode after entering special characters.

  • Sales report in both POS and Back Office now use the Business End Day Time configuration in Company Configurations.

  • Discounts are now calculated according to the store price

    • Before when campaign price was higher than store price, the price was still calculated based on campaign price. For example, staff discount of 15% calculated the discount based on the company price, not from store price; this meant that when company price was 1.50€ and store price was 1.00€, customer with discount was actually paying 1.28€ instead of 0.85.

  • Inventory could not fetch products based on catalog item’s category. We have deprecated this broken feature and introduced new filter Category on Stock Item which finds products based on the Stock Item's category.

  • Client Credentials use now only non-url-encoded characters on client secret.

  • Added missing services to our system Health Check dashboard.

  • Added manual override of POS UI update problems.

  • Added the possibility to enter a higher price for a product when changing price with the reason code “Price Change”.

  • Fixed waste management on POS for custom product; now it correctly applies stock out transaction for ingredients based on the recipe.

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